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First Semester 2012 Provisional Programme Below


Center for Humanities Research and History Department South African and Contemporary History and Humanities Seminar

2012 Provisional Programme


Unless otherwise stated seminars take place on Tuesday afternoons from 2.00-3.30pm in the Center for Humanities Research Seminar Room.  Papers are precirculated in advance of the seminar and are taken as read. Papers are available at a cost of R5.00 from Janine Brandt whose office is in the History Department, UWC ext 3600


First Semester

7 Feb:  Christoph Rippe (Leiden University): The Uncertainty in Curation – Ethnographic Photographs and Objects from the Mariannhill Mission in KwaZulu-Natal (1880s-1930s)

21 Feb: Lorena Rizzo (University of Basel / UWC): Shades of empire – police photography in German South West Africa.

28 Feb: Ruth Watson (Cambridge): '"My Desire is to be the Possessor of all the Best Books in this World of Struggle": Respectability and Literary Materialism in Colonial Ibadan.

13 March: Felix Banda (UWC): Unbounding colonial orthographic conventions: Accounting for a mobile and translingual African.

27 March: Monica Udvardy (University of Kentucky): Museums, Media, Morality and Mijikenda Memorial Statues:  Navigating African Art Repatriation in an Era of Rising Cultural Identity Politics.

3 April: Wayne Dooling (SOAS): The making of a rule of law in colonial southern Africa.

10 April: Sophie Feyder (Leiden University): Parlour photography and the politics of township interiors: The Ngilima collection and the representation of the Black South African 'home', East Rand, 1950

24 April: Teena Purohit  (Boston University): The Fractured Project of the Modernist Islam movement (1840-1940)

8 May: Sanjay Krishnan (Boston University): V. S. Naipaul and the origin of Literature in the periphery

15 May: Giacomo Loperfido (UWC) : Cold war and the construction of otherness: The Italian case.

22 May: Carolyn Hamilton (UCT): Construing Archive: A Proposal for a Change in the Grammar of Ethnographic Collections

29 May: Noëleen Murray (UWC): Building UWC:  A Campus Apart


Second Semester

17 July: Ajay Skaria (University of Minnesota): Stumbling on Theological Secularism: Gandhi 'religion' before Hind Swaraj

24 July: Giorgio Miescher (University of Basel / UWC): Arteries of Empire - The materiality and visuality of South Africa's railway war of 1914-1915

31 July: Drew Thompson (University of Minnesota): Bearing Witness to War: The Photographic Archive at Mozambique’s National Photography School, 1982-1992

7 August: Christopher C. Fennell (University of Illinois): Racism and Resilience in a 19th Century American Heartland: New Philadelphia and the Vagaries of Prejudice.

21 August: Paolo Israel (UWC): In Step With The Times: Mapiko Masquerades of Mozambique.

28 August: Carolyn Hamilton (UCT): Method and the Enquiry into Archive.

11 September: Jane Taylor (UWC): Seeing Voices: why the immaterial matters.

18 September (co-hosted with the Cities in Transition project): Shamil Jeppie (UCT): Cars, consumption, craft and Cape Town.

25 September: Kathleen McDougall (University of Stellenbosch): The Political Apolitical: Attention to Detail, Menslikheid, and Making Genealogical Records

16 October: Annachiara Forte, Paolo Israel and Leslie Witz (UWC): Out of History.