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Heidi Grunebaum


Heidi Grunebaum is a research associate at the Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape. She is currently lecturer at the Centre for African Studies, UCT and on the international editorial board of Antípoda: Revista de Antropología y Arqueología.  Her research and publications have focussed on concentration camp survivor testimonies of the Nazi genocide, mediations of testimonies to the TRC, representations of time and social change, and on the structural and spatial afterlives of colonial and apartheid state violence.  Her current research examines the intersections between spatialised, textual and visual representations of war and forced depopulation, forms of spatial affect, environmental discourses and narratives of place in South Africa and in Palestine/Israel.

Research Interests

  • The politics of time, representation and social remembrance after state violence
  • Narratives of war, slavery and forced displacement
  • Theories of spatiality, environmental discourse and historical remembrance
  • Critical approaches to transitional justice and psychosocial integration after war



Memorialising the Past:  Everyday Life in South Africa after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (New Jersey: Transaction, forthcoming October 2010).


(Journal Articles)

Guest editor of special issue of Antípoda: Revista de Antropología y Arqueología “Violencia, Reparación y Tecnologías del Recuerdo: Perspectivas desde África y América Latina” 4, January-June (2007).

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“Re-placing Pasts, Forgetting Presents: Narrative, Place and Memory in the Time of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” Research in African Literatures. 32.3 (August 2001): 198-212.

“Saying the Unspeakable: Language and Identity after Auschwitz as a       Narrative Model for Memory in South Africa.” Current Writing 8. 2 (1996):             13-22.

(Articles in Books)

“On the time-spaces of Zionist narratives: Notes from two journeys to South Africa Forest/Lubya village, Lower Galillee” in Na’eem Jeenah and Garth LePere (eds.), Locating Ethnic States in a Cosmopolitan World: The Case of Israel. Forthcoming

--and Yazir Henri,“Integrating Atrocity whilst Living the Aftermath: Testimony, Response and the Political Economy of Repair” in Rebecca Bryant and Elizabeth F. Drexler (eds.), After Violence: Institutions of Truth and Memory. University of Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming, 2010.

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