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History and Humanities Seminar

South African Contemporary History and Humanities Seminars

Photo By: C. Kratz
Seminar To Launch Museum Frictions At The CHR
L To R: Premesh Lalu, Ivan Karp, Leslie Witz, Ciraj Rassool And George Abungu.

The highly successful South African and Contemporary History and Humanities Seminar, has been in operation since 1993 and it is co-hosted by the History Department and the Center for Humanities Research.

Established with the aim of creating a forum where members of the UWC academic community, as well as interested academics form other universities, can meet and engage in academic discussion around issues in South African historical studies, the Tuesday seminar has been much more than that.  Since its inception, its scope transcended South African historical studies and the UWC academic space, hosting scholars from all over the world and engaging in cross-disciplinary debates.

All papers are pre-circulated in advance and taken as read in order to facilitate and enrich the discussion. Hard copies of the presented papers are available at the Centre for Humanities Research and at the History Department a week before. Copies of previous seminar papers are housed at the CHR archives.

The seminar is organised by Premesh Lalu and Leslie Witz. To be included in the mailing list and recieve information on the Seminar Programme, please contact Lameez Lalkhen ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )